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“Dental Forte”

  • 3 dental clinics
  • 2 dental laboratories
  • Cosmetology clinic “Wellness Clinic”
  • MEDICALFORTE is the next gen multi-specialty clinic
  • own clinical and diagnostic laboratory, where work more than 200 highly qualified specialists of various medical fields




Modern dentistry is a term that generalizes the fusion of high skilled specialists and advanced technical equipment. Our clinic is equipped with the latest equipment. We use only high-quality materials from leading manufacturers. We have experienced and competent dentists. We provide a guarantee for all types of treatment.





Our mission is:
to provide medical services according to the best international standards that allow us to solve patients ‘ health problems in comfortable conditions, with maximum attention and taking into account their personal needs and desires.


Our values are:
the greatest value is the trust of our patients. We build long-term relationships with them, forming a careful attitude to their health, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Our goals are::

  • To ensure a high quality life for our people.
  • Leadership in the medical services market.
  • To treat our patients as partners.
  • To offer patients a service that meets the best international standards and is maximally focused on the every patient individuality.
  • To work constantly towards the complexity development and improvement of the medical care quality.


 Chief Manager, Principal Dentist Dr. Gabdrafikov Rustem Ravilivich

 We offer You:

  • Three-dimensional (3D) diagnostics on the ORTHOPHOS XG 3D computed tomograph, SiemensSirona (Germany).
  • Three-dimensional (3D) diagnostics on GALILEOS CT scanner with FaceScan option, SiemensSirona (Germany).
  • Diagnostics on the orthopantomograph SIRONA (Germany).
  • Root canal treatment, removal of tool fragments under a microscope.
  • Individual approach to anesthesia selection.
  • General treatments and composite bonding for adults and children.
  • Root canal therapy with 3D SybronEndo filling technology by condensation of hot gutta-percha and silicone.
  • Filling-in missing teeth with aesthetic dentures (CAD/ CAM technologies ProceraNobelBiocare, Zirkonzahn from zirconium oxide and other modern materials), dental implants, removable telescopic dental prostheses (galvano-gold crowns), micro-locking, complete removable prostheses (Germany), porcelain veneers and inlays.
  • Unique CADCAM system CEREC (Germany) – production of porcelain veneers, luminaires, inlays and crowns in 10 minutes!
  • Teeth extraction, complex extraction of impacted teeth, cysts, dental implantation surgery (NobelBiocare, AlphaBio implants with a lifetime guarantee), bone grafts, sinus lift, etc.
  • Laser dentistry: removing soft tissue folds, treating tongue and lips frenulum attachment (painlessly), removing cysts and papillomas, photodynamic therapy on gingival inflammation, periodontitis treatment. All these procedures are in one session.
  • Orthodontic correction with braces at any age, removable orthodontic devices and trainers’ appliances.
  • Department Of Digital Reconstructive Dentistry.




Medical activity license
no. LO-16-01-005969
from April 25, 2017 

The license is issued by the Ministry of Health 

11/6 Ostrovsky str., Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan

phone (843) 236-65-72


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Present aesthetic dentistry does wonders and allows you to create really brilliant smiles.

Come to dental clinic “DentalForte” and make sure in person.

  1. An accurate CT scan will make the correct diagnosis, find out hidden chronic processes, and help to do the successful surgery. The clinic has installed more than 5000 implants with a lifetime warranty.
  2. FreecoderBlueFox diagnostics system (Germany) of the temporomandibular joint lets to measure the exact amount of complex dental restorations close to the physiological norm and it is the only one in the region!
  3. Experienced dentists are highly skilled in narrow specializations: therapy, periodontics, orthopedics, orthodontics, implantology, laser medicine and much more. That allows making an individual treatment plan for every patient.
  4. Our own dental laboratory is equipped with the modern high-tech equipment. Our dental technologists are the high-skilled specialists. They won a lot of professional contests! Manufacturing of durable highly aesthetics dentures is carried out by CAD / CAM technology using robotics.
  5. We have a great result thanks to the complex root canals treatment under the microscope. The microscope helps to remove tool fragments from the roots, perform micro-operations on the oral mucosa, and create highly aesthetic composite bonding. All these procedures help to increase the service life of your teeth!
  6. Porcelain veneers are the smile of superstars! The opportunity to get a high aesthetic result for a long time with minimal interference in the teeth structure.

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Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat 08:00-20:00;
Sun off

Novy Gorod, 27 / 04A, +7 (8552) 57-81-81
Novy Gorod, 1 / 16, +7 (8552) 39-21-01
Zyab, 17 / 02B, +7 (8552) 46-10-20