Gift certificates

Health and beauty are the best gifts!

When holidays are coming, we want to buy a good gift for our dear people, which will not only please, but also bring benefit and joy to the owner. Often, even the dearest people who know the habits and interests of each other face difficulties in choosing a gift, as they want to invest care and warmth in it.

We offer an excellent solution that will allow you to make not only a pleasant, but also a useful gift that will preserve the health and beauty of teeth and gums. This Gift is the certificate for dental services of "Dental Forte» clinic.

Gift certificate for dental services from "Dental Forte" is a great solution for any holiday

Beautiful white teeth are the pride of any person, and an open smile affects the mood and success of its owner.

Gift certificate "Dental Forte" is a great gift for your family, relatives, friends and loved ones who take care for their health and strive to maintain the condition of their teeth at an excellent level.

We have several kinds of gift certificates

Gift certificates can be for specific purposes, for example:

  • General Dentistry
  • dentures
  • teeth bleaching or alignment

In our clinic, you can buy certificates in any ruble amount, starting from 500 rubles.

Usage rules:

  • The certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • Gift Certificates can be used on any service we offer.
  • It can be used repeatedly until its nominal value is used up.
  • Only the owner can use it.

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