Insurance Companies

The modern development of medicine is closely connected with insurance companies. They represent the interests of organizations that are concerned about the health of their employees.

Insurance companies monitor the quality of services and work only with reliable medical organizations.

Tatayna Vladimirovna

Medical insurance

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Today leading insurance companies in Russia, the CIS and Europe trust Dental Forte
clinic and work successfully with it.

  • “AK BARS-Med OOO” (Limited Liability Company Insurance Company);
  • “ASKO Insurance group OOO” (Limited Liability Company);
  • “AlfaStrakhovanie OAO” (Open Joint-Stock Company);
  • ” VSK OAO” (Open Joint-Stock Company);
  • “VTB Strakhovanie OOO” (Limited Liability Company Insurance company);
  • “Ingosstrakh OSAO” (Open Joint-Stock Insurance Company);
  • “ITIL OAO” (Open Joint-Stock Company, Insurance company);
  • “ISK Euro-Polis OOO” (Limited Liability Company);
  • “Express Assist Center OOO” (Limited Liability Company);
  • “Capital Strakhovanie OAO” (Open Joint-Stock Company);
  • “MAX ZAO» (Close Joint-stock Company);
  • “MLDC – noveyshie technologii OOO» (Limited Liability Company);
  • “National insurance company of Tatarstan OAO» (Open Joint-stock Company);
  • “National Insurance group СOAO» (Insurance Open Joint-stock Company);
  • “Chulpan-Med OOO CMO” (Limited Liability Company Insurance Medical Organization);
  • “Renaissance Insurance Group OOO” (Limited Liability Company);
  • ROSGOSSTRAKH OOO” (Limited Liability Company);
  • “Medexpress CZAO» (Insurance Close Joint-stock Company);
  • “RESO-Guarantiya OSAO» (Insurance Open Joint-stock Company);
  • “Alliance OAO CK» (Open Joint-stock Company, Insurance Company);
  • “SOGAZ AO» (Joint-stock Company);
  • “EUROP ASSISTANCE CIS OOO» (Limited Liability Company);
  • “Express Assist Center OOO” (Limited Liability Company);
  • “Insurance company “Soglasie» OOO” (Limited Liability Company);
  • “Medical Insurance company “Spasenie» ZAO” (Close Joint-stock Company);
  • “Klass-assist OOO» (Limited Liability Company);
  • “Chulpan Insurance company ZAO» (Close Joint-stock Company);
  • “URALSIB KF ZAO» (Close Joint-stock Company);
  • “MetLife Insurance company ZAO» (Close Joint-stock Company);
  • “IC GUIDE PAO» (Public Joint-stock Company);
  • “Surgutneftegaz Insurance company OOO”(Limited Liability Company).

To receive treatment under VMI policy, you must provide:

  1. policy VMI;
  2. passport or other identity document;
  3. letter of guarantee or referral for treatment, if this is required by the insurance program.

We provide
a comfortable stay and treatment in our clinic for the patients. You can book an appointment at a convenient time what allows you to plan your day.

Dear patients! The list of insurance companies is constantly updated. You can ask your insurance company if there is the possibility of service
in clinics under policy VMI.

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