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Dental surgery is responsible for maintaining general dental health, for preserving and restoring the lost hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity
Present day surgery is an advanced technology where microsurgical interventions for preserving or implanting teeth with individual selection of analgesia are used. Implantology is the best method
for restoring lost teeth.
In our clinic we use only the best implant systems. These systems have 60 years of experience and the proven result from the leading experts around the world (Europe and the USA)( Swedish implants of Nobel Biocare with a lifetime guarantee, Israeli implants of AlphaBio and CORTEX). Nobel Biocare с пожизненной гарантией, израильские имплантаты AlphaBio и CORTEX. Sedation is a modern way of anesthesia in which the patient is conscious, can breathe independently and communicate with the doctor!
Today, we use the anesthesia methods, which allow emotional adult patients and children sleeping through the procedure. This popular service saves our patients from dental anxiety and dental phobia. An important point is: when we use this method of anesthesia there is no catecholamines (fear hormones) release, so healing and recovery of a patient is faster and better. More detailed info


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Surgery / Implantology
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