Orthodontics Naberezhnye Chelny

Bracket system. the teeth leveling is a very complex and long term treatment

The goal of modern ortho dentistry is to improve facial aesthetics, dental aesthetics, functional occlusion and position of the lower jaw, stability of treatment results, and healthy parodontium. The teeth aligning improves noticeably the hygienic level of the oral cavity, reduces the risk of tooth decay and periodontitis.

In the treatment of ortho patients, our specialists apply the most advanced methods of examination and bracket design calculating. They use non-removable (Damon bracket system, Ogmko and …) and removable techniques by application of orthodontic devices, which are manufactured in our dental laboratories from hypoallergenic materials and trainers by German technology.

Leading orthodontists work in our clinics. They treat patients with various clinical cases from the simplest to the most complex ones. Many families have entrusted their health to our clinic more than 15 years. The great results and a high quality in combination with a comfortable atmosphere create the format of a home clinic. You are always welcome here, as if you are visiting good friends.


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