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Dental treatment without pain, without problems and without extra money costs saves the health and beauty of your teeth

Dental clinic Dental Forte provides all types of services at affordable prices:

  • teeth decay treatment, teeth sensitivity, treatment of baby teeth;
  • professional hygiene therapy and teeth whitening;
  • implantology and dentures;
  • bite correction at any age;
  • periodontics and many other services.

In our clinic, we use dental treatment under general anesthesia, sedation and other types of anesthesia in order to make the treatment procedure painless and comfortable.

The aim of modern medicine is the treatment and prevention of the teeth hard tissues and the oral cavity soft tissues diseases.

Teeth decay and its complications treatment (pulpitis, periodontitis) is carried out on modern equipment with the use of Nickel titanium (NiTi) tools. Root treatment and tissues restoration are performed under a microscope (Kazl Zess and Haine optics). It raises the quality and precision of treatment in 30 times, allows passing into complex root channels, removing tool fragments, preserving healthy tissues as much as possible and saving remediless teeth.

For adult and children teeth treatment, our leading specialists use present day hybrid composites from the best manufacturers (USA, Germany and Japan).

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Sedation is a modern technique of anesthesia when the patient is conscious, can breathe independently and communicate with the doctor!

Today, we use the anesthesia methods, which allow emotional adult patients and children sleeping through the procedure. This popular service saves our patients from dental anxiety and dental phobia. An important point is: when we use this method of anesthesia there is no catecholamines (fear hormones) release, so healing and recovery of a patient is faster and better.
We recommend parents to choose modern methods of anesthesia and prevention of dental fear for their children. More detailed info


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