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Periodontics is a field of dentistry that deals with the treatment of hard and soft tissues surrounding the teeth, as well as the oral and tongue mucosa

Modern digital examination is performed on Florida Proub equipment (USA), which gives a real view of the mouth soft tissues, shows the dynamics and quality of treatment and lets do the delayed control examination after treatment.

Today, it is possible to treat not only gum inflammation from bleeding, but also to restore bone recessions, save the exposed and mobile teeth roots, keep the remediless teeth from extraction.

Present day periodontics allows keeping long life snow-white smiles and healthy gums.

The Plasmolifting™ procedure is based on the patented method of processing the patient’s blood with certified vacuum tubes. As a result, we get an injectable form of autoplasma enriched with platelet, which we inject into the periodontium tissues. More detailed info

Sedation is a modern technique of anesthesia when the patient is conscious, can breathe independently and communicate with the doctor!

Today, we use the anesthesia methods, which allow emotional adult patients and children sleeping through the procedure. An important point is: when we use this method of anesthesia there is no catecholamines (fear hormones) release, so healing and recovery of a patient is faster and better. More detailed info



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