Prosthodontics Naberezhnye Chelny

Dentures making is the most technological field of dentistry, which is aimed at creating a snow-white and beautiful smile

Dental Forte clinic uses all modern advanced technologies to solve the most complex clinical cases for our patients. Digital scanners and CAD / CAM technology are able to make the model of a future smile and then a high-precision equipment allow manufacturing perfectly fitted, beautiful “looking like your own” teeth that serve for many years. In our laboratory, we make removable dentures using articulators from Amman Girbache (Austria). These perfectly fitted dentures fix well in the oral cavity from the first days of usage.

Guarantees are provided for all performed works, and highly qualified specialists will create the most optimal treatment plan.

The clinic has dealt with dentures making for many years and now has an expert level in this field. It is not for nothing that many patients who got dentures 10 or more years ago turn to our clinic only for preventive examinations.

Sedation is a modern technique of anesthesia when the patient is conscious, can breathe independently and communicate with the doctor!

Today, we use the anesthesia methods which allow emotional adult patients and children sleeping through the procedure. This popular service saves our patients from dental anxiety and dental phobia. An important point is: when we use this method of anesthesia there is no catecholamines (fear hormones) release, so healing and recovery of a patient is faster and better. More detailed info


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